Our Attractions

The countdown has begun!

The equine section promises to be a horse lover’s paradise with a weekend jam packed of competitions for both professional and amateur riders.

You will find everything from the formula 1 of equine, the Scurry Driving Championships, to the qualifying of the Olympia Horse Show 2018. The elegant side-saddle quadrille, heavy horse turnouts and showing classes (both ridden and in hand) will also be a star attraction.

Then there’s the excitement of the Scurry Driving Championships, the timeless elegance of carriage driving and the awesome sight of the powerful heavy horses entering the arena pulling highly-painted trade vehicles, reminding us how deliveries used to be made.

The first leg of the 2018 British Showjumping International Stairway competition tops the showjumping bill, offering an opportunity to see existing British team members and new talent competing for prize money.  

Heavy Horse
There are several different classes taking place over the weekend, so pop down to Ring 5 where you can watch all the In Hand classes, obstacle driving, harness and turnout classes. 
As well as all this, catch the Private Driving 2018 Osbourne Refrigeration Qualifiers on the Sunday.

Side Saddle Area 10 Display Team
Over the Show weekend, spectators can experience the elegance of yesteryear as the Side Saddle Association Display Team takes to the ring in their colourful period costumes or traditional dark hued habits competing in many disciplines such as dressage, showjumping, showing and alongside astride riders.
The team features riders from Hampshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire, many of whom compete regularly in top-class national and international events.

The Farriers
Whilst visiting the Country Area, you can’t help but hear that ‘chink chink’ sound coming from the Farriery area. The Farriery section attracts working farriers from all over the World.
During the Show, skilled judges will be quietly walking around trying to determine the outcome of the ‘Best Shod Horse’ by closely examining the horseshoes safely attached to the horses.

Showing is a popular equestrian discipline and we offer a variety of classes to accommodate all types and ages of horses and ponies. From in-hand, mountain & moorland, ridden show ponies to riding horses, show and working hunters and many more.

The Coaching section offers a stunning display of team work and amazing synchronisation, playing host to the largest coaching marathon in the Country, with many of the coaches coming from far and wide to be able to participate and many of them have already competed at other county shows and private events throughout Europe.

Head down to the main arena on Saturday to watch the Coaching Marathon Final Judging and Horn Blowing Competition. We also have the Ladies competition, which you can catch on Sunday in the main arena along with the coaching parade.