British Sausage Week

British Sausage Week took place from Tuesday 30th October to Friday 2nd November, and our Education Officer, Jan Murray was very busy visiting a number of schools to deliver fun and informative workshops. 

Firstly, Jan prepares for the workshops by cooking a LOT of vegetarian and pork sausages for the blind tastings that the children do during the workshop. 

The children then get the chance to make their own sausages, from scratch, which involves putting together flavours for the minced pork, so they could be lamb and mint, beef and chilli, pork and apple and so many more delicious options! 

Jan then uses her very popular assistant, Rasher the Pig (not a real pig) to explain where about's the sausage meat is located, along with some really fun facts about sausages, for example:

Did you know Sausages are a very old food, having been around for over 2,000 years and are as popular as ever today. In this country alone over 5 million people eat sausages every day!

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first specific reference in English came in a fifteenth century vocabulary ‘Salcicia’, a ‘sawsage’

Sausages were nicknamed bangers during the Second World War. Their high water content due to the scarcity of other ingredients meant that they were liable to explode when cooked as the water turned to steam


British Sausage Week - 2nd to 7th November 2020

If you're interested in Jan visiting your school during British Sausage Week in 2020, email for more information and availability.


“Thank you so much for the sausage workshops this morning. Pupils are telling me how much they enjoyed participating.” – The Avenue School

“Thank you so much for the wonderful sausage workshop you ran yesterday. All the children and staff enjoyed it immensely. You were both very informative and very entertaining and we all learnt something from the day. The sausages were very tasty too – thank you! We were very excited about the day and you exceeded our high expectations.” – Stockham School

“Year 5 learned things they didn't know before, enjoyed the tasting and seeing the sausages made. They were quite shocked that the skin was made from the intestines of a pig!” – Sonning Common Primary