Our Attractions

From a whole host of cattle breeds to the quirky Kune Kune pigs and all the amazing chickens, goats and llamas in between, you’re sure to find something you'll love in our Livestock section at the Show.

Cattle of all shapes and sizes, colours and breeds descend on the Newbury Showground, coming from all across the UK and will be judged by top class judges in the cattle rings.
You will be able to view these beautiful beasts, ranging from the large Charolais to the small Dexter. Speak to the breeders and find out more about them and even get up close to them in our purpose-built cattle building in the afternoon.
Judging takes place from 9am both days, right through to midday and the magnificent Grand Parade of Livestock takes place in the Main Arena late afternoon. A spectacular display not to be missed!

Head down to the Pig section to see a huge variety of different pig breeds, including the local dark coloured Berkshire Pig, the Spotty Oxford & Sandy Black and the orange coloured Tamworth. The smallest (and cutest) domesticated pigs in the World, the Kune Kune, also make an appearance.

The sheep rings will provide a full timetable of top quality breeds aiming to become Supreme Champion.
The Rare Breed Survival Trust will return this year to host the Young Shepherds Grand Final on the Sunday. The competition runs throughout the year with various qualifying rounds at shows across the UK. It is an amazing opportunity to encourage a whole generation to show their animals!

The Sheep Show
This highly entertaining and extremely informative Show captures the hearts of over 2.5 million people when the team travel around the UK to over 100 events.

The team, from New Zealand, educate and entertain the crowds with their fantastic sheep, such as ‘Nobby’ the Norfolk Horn who takes centre stage, while others are introduced to their podiums. You get to learn about each breed’s attributes and how wool from the sheep’s back becomes a jumper to wear. The shearing demonstration is well commentated and has the audience captivated.

The highlight of the show is the The sheep show Hustle, when the sheep will dance!!

Llamas are becoming more and more popular in the British countryside, so come and get up close and personal and even decide on the prettiest female and most handsome male!

The Llamas also have a bit of fun with an egg & spoon race and get to stretch their legs with a brisk jog around an obstacle course.

The extremely popular Dairy Goats will be on show throughout both Show days. Various breeds will be judged in the ring, all aiming for the Championship title.

Head over to the Poultry tent where you find a wide range of poultry; from bantams to ducks, geese to turkeys and of course chickens. A great collection of poultry that come in a stunning array of colours, shapes and sizes.

Head to the information table in the tent to learn more about poultry and any questions you have.

As well as this, you can also get your children involved with the option of entering four child classes varying in age from 4-16yrs. Children also have the chance to decorate the eggs!