Recycling made easy at The Royal County of Berkshire Show

The Newbury & District Agricultural Society have been working hard over the last few years to ensure their Waste Management Plan for the Royal County of Berkshire Show is sustainable and eco-conscious as the protection of the environment is essential to the future of agriculture, horticulture, forestry and rural crafts.

With thousands of people pouring through our gates and enjoying the food, drink and products on offer throughout the day, the show creates a lot of waste.

We work closely with MJ Church who put our Waste Management Plan into action, providing a good selection of recycling bins across the showground during the Show weekend, making it even easier for visitors to dispose of their waste.

In 2018, we had over 14 tonnes removed from the Showground after the Show, that’s 10 tonnes LESS than in 2017! 84% was recycled and 15% was transferred from waste to energy.

Hannah Imm, from MJ Church comments, ‘After another successful year of working at the Royal County of Berkshire Show we are thrilled to share the results of what a fantastic job the show and their visitors have achieved with recycling and diversion from landfill.’

What happens to the waste when it leaves the Showground?

Waste can be processed and used in various industries such as a fossil fuel alternative in power stations, it can be incinerated to create electricity and any ash left over is used in construction, cardboard is recycled to produce more paper and cardboard products, cans and metals are compressed and sent for recycling into other aluminium products and glass is crushed and recycled into other glass products.

We are continually striving to improve year on year and continue to work with MJ Church to achieve our environmental objectives.

You can help us!

So, when you visit the Show in September, why not bring your own carrier bags to hold all your lovely treats in, bring your own water bottles and fill up at the many free water stations across the showground, look out for exhibitors who are offering recyclable cups and other products when shopping, and most importantly, please ensure you dispose of your waste in the colourful bins provided. Thank you!


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