Jan’s breakfast tour of Berkshire

Our Education Officer, Jan, travelled the length and breadth of Berkshire over 3 weeks to meet with kids and teach them the importance of having breakfast.

The 'Shake Up Your Wake Up' Breakfast Workshops are designed to ensure children are aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and there’s more to Coco Pops and chocolate spread on toast! 

Jan provided fun and educational workshops where kids had the opportunity to make smoothies and porridge and then try them out. They then got to have some fun with a few breakfast-themed games. And after a quick break, the children experienced milking a cow (not a real one!).

The Newbury & District Agricultural Society is a not-for-profit organisation and provides a fun and informative educational programme to schools across Berkshire, FOR FREE!

Here we give you an insight into what supplies Jan used, how far she’s travelled and how many pupils she visited in her quest to get kids appreciating the British farming industry, as well as trying new tasty options for breakfast.

  • 612 miles covered across Berkshire
  • 5 volunteers assisted Jan at her workshops over the 3 weeks
  • 15 schools visited; 2 special schools, 2 independent schools, 1 first school, 8 primary schools, 1 infant and 1 junior school
  • 395 children had fun at the workshops
  • 16 litres of apple juice and orange juice, 30 bananas, 30 oranges and 30 apples, 15 packs of cherries and 15 packs of mangoes were used to make the smoothies
  • 15 litres of milk and 5kg of oats were used to make the porridge
  • 395 plant pots were planted containing wheat, barley and oat seeds
  • A total of ½ hours spent washing up after each workshop
  • 450 plastic cups, 450 bowls, 450 plastic spoons, 15 saucepans and 1 blender were used


“The breakfast workshops have been oversubscribed again this year and extremely well received by the schools. The porridge we have made has been described by many pupils as “the best they have ever tasted” which is very encouraging as it is such a nutritious, cheap and easy to make choice. The smoothies have also been enjoyed by many of the children and they have embraced the message that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Jan Murray, Education Officer.



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