If the boot fits!
The Spanish Boot Company are returning to the Show this year and will be bringing with them their latest collection of stylish equestrian and country footwear as well as clothing and accessories.

As we near the autumn season, the team have offered some handy tips for boot shopping…

  1. While it may be summer now, consider just how waterproof you need your boots to be, for example, do your wellington boots need to be waterproof or just with a water-resistant waxed finish, and would you like them a little more stylish than your average welly boot style? Think about your lifestyle, what you expect and want out of your new boots.
  2. Riding boots will need breaking in, but you should be able to walk without pain! Fortunately, our Classic Spanish Boots are the perfect (and instantly comfortable) alternative to traditional riding boots. Ideal for hacking out on your horse but also a gorgeous pair of country and fashion boots.
  3. If looking for boots that give your wardrobe a serious fashion edge, suede is big for the summer/autumn seasons, but don’t forget to treat it with a protector.
  4. If buying boots with practicality in mind, then choosing either a fine leather sole or chunky tread sole with a good grip is essential.
  5. Consider what kind of socks you’ll wear. Thin socks, long socks, shooting socks… They all make a difference in the fit.
  6. If you have chosen your style, what about the fit. Nothing can beat trying on a pair of boots but if you are buying online don’t be afraid to ask the retailer or manufacturer for further advice before making your purchase.
  7. Lace-up boots look great, but if you have to change into different footwear throughout the day, they are a pain. A zip with a buckle offer fashion on the go!
  8. Always check the zip and stitching quality on boots as these will have an impact on the longevity. We pride ourselves in offering quality boots and have worked with our trusted manufacturer in Valverde del Camino, Southern Spain since 2002.
  9. If measuring yourself for made-to-measure boots, ask a friend to double check if you’re unsure, to avoid costly mistakes.
  10. Invest in internal shapers which will increase the life and look of your fabulous boots! 

We look forward to introducing you to your new boots at our style emporium at Stand 71 along Avenue A!


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