Celebrate the great British sausage!

British Sausage Week is Monday 31st October until Sunday 6th November, so our Education Officer, Jan Murray will be busy visiting a number of schools to deliver fun and informative workshops. Here, Jan takes us through her preparations:

First, I have to cook a number of vegetarian and pork sausages for the blind tastings. Fortunately the pupils only have a small taster, but with around 500 pupils taking part this year, that is a lot of sausages! My kitchen will smell like a greasy spoon café by the time I have finished, and sausages are definitely off the menu for a few weeks.

Next is the actual making of the pork sausages, which takes place in school with the pupils actively helping. Never made sausages? It is really straightforward and a lot of fun. You need:

  • Skins – natural or artificial – your choice really but if vegetarian then needs to be the artificial ones as the natural ones are made from the pig’s intestines
  • Filling – for the schools we just use plain minced pork, which we source from a local butchers, but any minced meat will do
  • A range of flavourings – let your imagination run wild with this one; lamb and mint, beef and chilli, pork and apple, dried tomato……. the possibilities are endless

If you like a bit of seasoning, then this requires mixing with the meat, and then you load your meat into the drum of the sausage maker.

The skins are fed onto the nozzle of the machine and it is easier to have one person turning the handle and another receiving the long sausage as it comes out of the machine.

Finally, you need to twist your long sausage at regular intervals to create sensible sized sausages, (for this think of balloon artists making animals out of balloons).

If using natural skins, the sausage now needs time in the fridge to dry out or you will have “bangers” when you cook them!

Alternatively of course, you can purchase ready prepared sausages of all types from local butchers, farmers markets, farm shops or supermarkets.

Did you know? Sausages are a very old food, having been around for over 2,000 years and are as popular as ever today. In this country alone over 5 million people eat sausages every day!

If you're interested in Jan visiting your school, email education@newburyshowground.co.uk for more information and availability.

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