The Annual Society Ploughing Match will take place on Saturday 21st October at the Woolley Estate, Woolley, OX12 8NJ.


This is a popular event in our Society calendar and is regularly contested by around 70 local ploughing champions. There are classes for conventional, reversible and horse-drawn ploughs, as well as expanding classes for vintage tractors and ploughs. The Champion of the day qualifies to go forward to the National Ploughing Championships.

Aside from the competitions, the event has something for everyone with an interest in the countryside. Farming both old and is brought to life in unique working demonstrations. The magnificent shire horses decorated with ornate brass and leather harness will pull a horse drawn plough, and steam ploughing.

In contrast, top machinery firms will be demonstrating their latest, most up-to-date, powerful, multi-furrow ploughing units used by todays farmers.

When you need a break from ploughing, a refreshment stall and a bar will be available to whet your whistle and don’t forget the hotly contested Domestic competitions! Anyone can enter and all exhibits will be auctioned off at the end of day for charity.

The entrance charge for the Ploughing Match is £5.00 and children under 16 are free of charge.


Domestic Competitions

General Rules

All exhibits to be delivered to the ploughing match site by 09:30 hours.

Cakes, scones and pasties to be wrapped in cling film.

ALL Produce will be auctioned off prior to the prize giving on the day, funds donated to The Mary Hare School for Deaf Children.

The judge's decision is final.

Class 10

A Victoria Sandwich cake

Class 11

"Hedgerow" Liqueur i.e. Blackberry Brandy, Damson Gin etc.

Class 12

"Sloe Gin"

Class 13

4 fruit scones

Class 14

2 meat pasties (to your own recipe and of any size)

Class 15

A Jar of lemon curd (to your own recipe and of any size)


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