A Taste of Japan comes to The Royal County of Berkshire Show

An island country in East Asia and with a population of 126 million, Japan is the World's 11th largest country and we're bringing a taste of what Japan has to offer to The Royal County of Berkshire Show in September.

Often called the 'Land of the Rising Sun', Japan's traditional and beautiful arts that are famous across the World include crafts such as ceramics, textiles, lacquerware, swords and dolls. Their stunning performances of bunraku, kabuki, noh, dance and rakugo wow viewers and visitors to Japan flock to local suppliers to experience their traditional tea ceremony, ikebana, martial arts, calligraphy, origami, onsen and Geisha.

In 2019, Japan play host to the Rugby World Cup so we thought bringing a taste of Japan to the Show would tie in nicely with 2 large screens we will have displayed across the Showground, showing live coverage of the Rugby.

In the Taste of Japan Marquee, supplied by Caravatti Events, you will find an array of wonderful specialities such as:

  •  Sushi tasters by Arigato Dining
  • Bonsai trees for sale by Southampton Bonsai
  • Japanese Tea by The Tea Makers
  • Stunning bamboo bars will welcome you to the marquee, supplied by Bamboo Connections
  • A huge pig made out of artificial grass, as 2019 is the Year of the Pig. Kindly supplied by Easigrass
  • Akita dogs for visitors to stroke, take selfies with and speak with the breeder, Japanese Akita
Tickets to the Show can be bought via our website at an early bird rate. And don't forget children go for just £1! https://berkshireshow.ticketsrv.co.uk/tickets/




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