A grand spectacle lined up in the Livestock section

We have a great display planned for the livestock section this year, with the addition of two hotly anticipated events taking place.

The Royal County of Berkshire Show are privileged to have been awarded the Burke Trophy this year, the most prestigious and historic beef trophy in the country, awarded to the best beef and dairy cattle. It is widely seen as the pinnacle of cattle breeding in the UK.

The Burke Trophy consists of two competitions; one for a pair of Pedigree Beef animals (one male and one female), and the other for a pair of Dairy Cattle. The Beef Judge is Mr Alasdair Houston; a well-known farmer and cattle breeder from Dumfries-shire. Alasdair has been a judge at all the major shows around the UK and is one of the top breeders in his class.

The Dairy Judge is Mr John Berry; a retired Dairy farmer who now resides in Cirencester. John has also judged at most of the major shows and is Chairman of the Royal Forest Agricultural Association in Windsor.

Judith Marcham, Chairman of the 2017 Royal County of Berkshire Show, “It is a huge honour to be hosting the Burke Trophy, which is the most prestigious competition that has been saved for the Royal Show. As former Chief Steward of the Cattle section I am particularly proud to have this competition at the Royal County of Berkshire show during my year as Show Chairman. We will be delighted to welcome the beef judge from Scotland, the Dairy judge is a little closer, coming from Gloucestershire – both judges are very well respected in their fields. We’ve had a good quality entry of cattle this year, with lots of interbreeds from other county shows, so it should make for interesting viewing.”

The event will take place on Saturday at 3pm in the cattle rings and the trophy presentation will be on the Sunday at 4.10pm in the main arena.

We are also very pleased to be welcoming the National Show for the Red Ruby Devon Cattle Society. A show that travels around the UK each year and we are honoured that they have chosen the Royal County of Berkshire Show as their location for 2017.

The Society was formed in 1884 to maintain and promote the Red Ruby Devon breed of cattle, one of the UK’s oldest native breeds and one of two indigenous cattle breeds originating from the South West of England.

The Society holds a biennial National Show to showcase the best of the breed to as wide an audience possible and offers increased prize money and a range of National Show trophies to ensure that the Show is the highlight of the Show year for Devon cattle breeders.

Mr John May, President of the DCBS, “We are delighted to be holding our National Show at the Royal County of Berkshire Show this year for the first time in the breed’s history. Our National Show provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the breed outside of our West Country heartland at a time when the beef industry is turning to native breeds, like the Red Ruby Devon, to deliver a premium quality product with less cost and higher profitability. We wish a successful Show to all our exhibitors and to the Berkshire Show.”

Elsewhere in the livestock section, you will find:

  • Camelids: the largest entry we’ve seen for many years! Visitors can vote for the most handsome male and prettiest female on Sunday morning from 10am, and a must-see egg and spoon race and obstacle course. Great fun for all the family!
  • Pigs: we’ve had such a huge response we’re bursting at the seams! We especially have a large entry of Berkshire Pigs this year as well as a wonderful range of the spotty Oxford & Sandy Black and the orange coloured Tamworth’s. You can even come and take a look at the smallest domesticated breed of pig in the world, the Kune Kune!
  • Sheep: All sections have received a large number of entries, with one class having 135 entries! A number of fleece classes will be taking place over the weekend as well as craft & spun classes, some great viewing for young (and old!) enthusiasts.
  • Poultry: We have many varieties attending this year with a great selection of egg classes too! There will also be egg decorating for the kids.
  • Goats: another great number of entries, with many new exhibitors attending.
  • Rare Breed Survival Trust Young Shepherd of the Year: A group of young shepherds, ranging between 8 to 16 years old have had to qualify from other shows to reach the final here at the Berkshire Show. It is an amazing opportunity to encourage a whole generation to show their animals and will make sensational viewing!
  • Grand Parade of Livestock: a magnificent spectacle that takes place at the end of each day and features all the champions. A great end-of-the-day show stopper!

Early bird ticket prices are now available on the website – https://berkshireshow.ticketsrv.co.uk/ 


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