A great turn out for the Agricultural Challenge for Special Education

The Newbury & District Agricultural Society ran their annual Agricultural Challenge for Special Education over the Autumn and Spring school terms where participating schools enjoyed making ‘country-themed’ items from the following categories:

  • A collage on the theme of the seaside
  • A cookery class – “something made with chocolate”
  • A feeding station for birds made from recycled materials
  • A gardener’s calendar for 2017 featuring photos of things growing in the school garden
  • Grow and plant up a herb planter – the planter can be homemade or bought
  • A country craft task – eg. weaving, felting, rug making, etc.
  • A garden themed board game

The schools did an amazing job of creating some imaginative and colourful items, such as a feeding station made out of an old bicycle wheel, some delicious looking chocolate cakes and some really bright and colourful collages made from all types of materials.

On the 27th April, all the schools got together at the Mary Hare School in Newbury to present their items. Over the course of the morning, a panel of judges moved around the room, talking to the children who were very excited to explain how they made their crafts.

After some lunch the judges announced their winners:

1st place for overall ‘Best in Show’ went to Kennel Lane School, 2nd place went to Addington School and 3rd place went to Mary Hare Primary School.

The winners of the individual categories were:

A herb planter – Reading College

Something with chocolate – Newbury College

Collage of the seaside – Mary Hare/The Castle School

A country craft – Prior’s Court Young Adults

Recycled bird feeder – Priors Court School

Gardeners Calendar - Kennel Lane School

Board Game - Addington School/Bulmershe School

The winners received a trophy and a cheque to cover their costs for participating. All children who were involved received a certificate to take back to school with them.


"We have been running this event for a number of years now and this year saw more teams than ever taking part", explains Jan Murray, Education Officer. "It is so rewarding that the schools are embracing it with such enthusiasm and using the challenges to support their curriculum's back in school. The students who attended were very animated when talking to the judges and the staff appreciated the opportunity to network and share ideas. We look forward to planning next year’s challenge with everyone."

“Everyone enjoyed themselves and they're already asking when the next one is! The judges were all really kind and showed a genuine interest when they were chatting to the students - which is exactly what they needed.” – Chris Jones, teacher at Addington School



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