The Wet Wednesdays Family Tour 2016

The team at Wet Wednesdays are our guest blogger this week. We're pleased to be welcoming them back to the show this year, and here they give us an insight into how they prepare for their Summer tour.>

And so it has begun again; our annual summer tour of the UK. It’s a very stressful but exciting time where we fly by the seat of our waterproof pants on caffeine and enthusiasm.

The Wet Wednesdays tour lorry is in no way ready, but with our trusty superhero dad, Craig, we can keep moving, fix the interior between shows and meet all the lovely families who visit the Royal County of Berkshire Show.

Meanwhile, back at basecamp our beautiful mummy, Jess restocks the warehouse, answers enquiries and packs and posts orders to our growing family of customers. She does an amazing job holding the fort, watching the website, setting up competitions and getting special offers out there for all you adventurous, outdoorsy families to get the best deals for their Mini Me’s.

We really love meeting our customers (old and new) face-to-face at the shows and family feedback is what makes all the effort worthwhile.

As for the little ones, well, their faces say it all! The Great British weather is always unpredictable. Coming to shows, you never quite know what to expect or bring. Flip flops or wellies? Vest tops or jackets? Picnics alfresco or a café indoors?

At least with Wet Wednesdays we have THAT very well covered! For those who don’t know, we design, manufacture and provide waterproofs for children for families, nurseries, schools and farmers. Rain doesn’t stop play. No way!

We sell our own British standard waterproofs but also have lots of choices from the Scandinavian products we love from Kozi Kidz to Elka, Didriksons to Rukka.

Its always good to see our customers coming back for the next size up and they often tell us how the ‘old’ set, jacket or suit has been passed on to a friend, sibling and family member as its only fault is it’s just too small for their child. Wet Wednesdays outfits are almost indestructible even when worn by the most adventurous kids.

Wet Wednesdays kids love the freedom to explore, play and have fun in the mud. It’s as nature intended, as kids are meant to be

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