3 legs, 2 men, 1 HUGE endeavour!

The Newbury & District Agricultural Society are very honoured to be welcoming Jordan Beecher to the Royal County of Berkshire Show this year. An ex-soldier who served in the British Army’s elite Parachute Regiment who has an extraordinary story to tell.


Jordan was a 19-year old soldier, serving in the Parachute Regiment and struck up what would be a long lasting friendship with Jon Armstrong, also 19 years old. A friendship that started in the back of a land rover in the middle of Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

During his third tour of Afghanistan in 2012, Jordan was on a routine patrol in Helmand Province when he stepped on an ‘IED’ which claimed his leg. Jordan was one of the lucky ones. His fast-reacting brothers-in-arms and the incredible medical care he received on the ground, ultimately saved his life. Since his accident, Jordan has overcome extreme hardship to achieve what many would consider to be the impossible. Throughout his immense recovery, Jordan and Jon have remained close friends.

During his recovery, Jordan decided to use his disability to inspire others by becoming a highly decorated athlete at the Invictus Games (4 Golds and a Silver) and also a British Indoor Rowing Champion. He was also a former member of the GB Paralympic Squad.

Team Trident was born when Jon was in the midst of undertaking a 1,000-mile expedition in the Canadian High Arctic. On a satellite phone with a crackling line, Jon persuaded Jordan that together they could row across the world’s second largest ocean, the Atlantic! Covering 20% of the Earth’s surface, it measures approximately 41 million sq miles and hits depths of 27,000ft.

They will live on board a seven-meter boat containing everything they need to survive, rowing 3,000 miles in continuous two-hour shifts around the clock for between 40 and 90 days. If the row wasn’t enough, the Atlantic Ocean is a fearsome mistress, Jon and Jordan can expect up to 50 knot winds, waves the size of houses, 40 degree heat, sleep deprivation, hallucinations, sea sickness, mental and physical fatigue and will survive off military ration packs for the entire journey!

Jordan Beecher comments “Since embarking on this endeavour over a year ago the work involved in preparing for the race has been a challenging experience. We've had to raise tens of thousands of pounds in sponsorship in order to even get to the start line and both Jon and I are looking forward to pushing off in December and actually getting some rowing done.

I really hope the publicity produced by this endeavour will help promote the excellent work the charities we are supporting do; for injured soldiers, Gurka soldiers and disabled and terminally ill children.

I also hope that the challenge will inspire other people to get outdoors and attempt things that they would normally believe to be beyond their capabilities.”

Team Trident set sail on Tuesday 12th December and are set to raise around £170,000, which will be distributed between three of their chosen charities. To donate to their worthy cause, visit their fundraising webpage - http://bit.ly/2i7KF2N

Jordan will be available to talk to in the Sports Zone on the Saturday of the Show and will be bringing with him some rowing machines for visitors to test their strength and ability.

Early bird ticket prices are now available on the website – https://berkshireshow.ticketsrv.co.uk/

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