Meet the animals

The Society has three wooden animals that can be booked for school visits. Buttercup, the milking cow is used to educate young people where milk comes from and a visit includes a talk appropriate to the age of the pupils and the opportunity to milk her. For pre-school and KS1 the talk is the story of milk from cow to shops, for years 3/4 the focus is on Rights and Needs and year s 5/6 are introduced to the processes that milk undergoes before consumption, including the story of Louis Pasteur and pasteurization. Clover the goat is another animal which the pupils get to milk and also included with a visit is the opportunity to taste goat’s cheese. Rasher the Berkshire pig is a starting point for a talk on where sausages come from and how all of the pig is used. A visit includes a sausage making demonstration and a plate of freshly made sausages for the school to cook. Early November is British Sausage Week and to support this the Society runs sausage workshops which last about one hour and are suitable for a class of up to around 30 pupils. The workshop includes information about the history of sausages and sausage facts as well as blind tasting of pork and vegetarian sausages. A talk on Rasher the wooden pig is included as well as a sausage making demonstration. In 2017 workshops are being offered during the week beginning October 30th. Bookings can be made now with the Education Officer.